Charlie Sheen Says He’s Done Doing Interviews

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He takes a final stab at Chuck Lorre, calling him an “ingrate” whose “ego,” “stupidity” and “insane relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous” led to “Two and a Half Men”’s demise.

Charlie Sheen – who has granted at least nine interviews since shooting on CBS’ Two and a Half Men was suspended last week - says he is done talking ... for now. 

On Tuesday, he spoke to Howard Stern.
Asked why he has spoken to so many media outlets, Sheen said he was trying to “right this unconscionable wrong. I have to take the stand for what I know is completely unjustified. Many people are suffering, and I am the only guy that can effect a change.”
He isn’t worried about how he comes across in interviews, either: “I don't have much of a reputation left to ruin.”
Charlie Sheen on The Howard Stern Show by The Hollywood Reporter
Most of the Men cast and crew are behind him, including Jon Cryer, Sheen said. “I think he's hopefully thought of my efforts,” he said of Cryer (who has yet to speak out about the Men situation). “I think Jon is behind me 100 percent.”
Though Sheen has previously said he is at “war” with CBS and Warner Bros, he told Stern Tuesday, “I wouldn't necessarily call it a war. They've certainly been up in my grill, trying to micromanage my personal life. I told them, it's not in my contract ... I don't see why we're even having a dialogue.”
Echoing sentiments he’s expressed in past interviews, he said Chuck Lorre is to blame for everything.
“Why were there no scripts when I was ready to come back? Why is it when I got prepared you were unprepared? Why did you state that the crew was not your problem? Why is it that you subscribe to AA, they tell you acceptance is the key, and you can't accept me?” Sheen said. “It’s basic stuff.”
Why is everything blowing up now, Stern asked. "Chuck wants out. He is burned out,” Sheen explained. “He's got three shows, and he's forgotten ours is the one that launched the other two. He is a bit of an ingrate ... He is trying to make me the fall guy. He's not gonna do it. His tactics are silly and juvenile and the work of an amateur. I think the real solution is if Les [Moonves] would just fire him, put me back on and everybody wins.”
CBS, he added, is the major part of the problem. “No one is willing to step up to this man [Lorre] and say, 'Look, you have screwed everything up because of your ego and your stupidity and your insane relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous,’” Sheen said.
He said he is still waiting for CBS honcho Moonves to call him (Moonves spoke out Tuesday, saying he hopes Men returns to TV next season).
Sheen isn’t worried about losing work over the ordeal. People are “really waiting to see what kind of schedule I have, which is of course dictated by my television schedule as you know,” he said. “I am not worried about the movie side.”
Finally, when Stern asked Sheen how long he plans to keep talking, Sheen said, “This is it. I am talking to you and I think I have one little interview today at the house and that's it. Then I am going to sit by the phone and wait for one of these charlatans to reach out.”