Charlie Sheen Says He'll Still Show Up for Work; Continues Crude Attack Against Chuck Lorre

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

In a series of text messages to ABC's Good Morning America, Charlie Sheen says he is 100 percent clean and still plans to show up for work Tuesday despite CBS pulling the plug on this season's production of Two and a Half Men.

Reporter Andrea Canning says she received the messages Friday (Sheen, 45, is currently in the Bahamas) - and they included more digs against co-creator Chuck Lorre.
On Thursday, Sheen released an open letter to TMZ, calling Lorre a "maggot," "earthworm" and said he wished him nothing but "pain."
In his text messages to Canning, Sheen calls Lorre a "clown" and "loser" - and much worse, she says (though she didn't elaborate on air).
Sheen also claims in the messages that he is in talks with HBO for his own show, Sheen's Corner, but the channel has denied those claims to THR.