Charlie Sheen Says He's Down to One Goddess

In light of Lindsay Lohan's recent troubles, the actor also invites her to hang out with him for 24 hours during his Ft. Lauderdale show.

Judging by Charlie Sheen's desperate last-ditch efforts to give away free tickets to his Ft. Lauderdale show on Twitter, one might have predicted a bomb along the lines of his Detroit disaster.

However, Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth was a surprise hit with the audience at the BankAtlantic Center on Saturday.

Sheen seemed to be in good spirits and, according to one attendee, received a warm welcome from the crowd of about 2,500 as he took the stage wearing a Florida Marlins jersey.

The actor kicked off the show by revealing that one of his goddesses, Rachel "Bree" Olson, had broken up with him via text message. During the Q&A session later, one fan asked Sheen how he handled two women at once without turning to polygamy. He replied, "Not well, because one left."

On the topic of his Two and a Half Men job, Sheen said, "I got fired for being a genius."

Sheen also invited Lindsay Lohan to hang out with him for 24 hours. "I would hug her and let her know it's gonna be ok," he said, when asked if he had words of wisdom for the troubled star.

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman made a brief guest appearance on stage, followed by comedian Jeff Ross, who remarked that Rodman looked like a "gay pirate." Ross, by now a regular of Sheen's shows, reiterated his claims that he's used to roasting "classier people" and challenged Sheen's notion of "winning."

"If you're winning there must be something wrong with the scoreboard," he quipped.

Ross concluded on a more sentimental note: "On behalf of the people who love you ... Charlie Sheen, stay alive."

Other guests included rapper Dirt Nasty, who performed "1980."

Initials reviews of the show were positive, with DecoDrive editor Anna P admitting on Twitter, "Alright. Don't judge me. Charlie is definitely a good person. A little crazy but most of it is an act."

"Sheen surprisingly articulate witty and funny," attendee Eric Macramalla tweeted. He added later, "Sheen Show wraps up; those in attendance loved it."