Charlie Sheen Says He's Planning to Star in Another TV Show

Charlie Sheen - LIVE: My Violent Torpedo Of Truth - 2011
Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

The actor, who made the comment in Washington during the last stop on his tour, said the show won't be for "Two and a Half Men" network CBS but that it would be "epic."

It's finally over.

Charlie Sheen's My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option Tour came to an end Tuesday night in Washington.

The monthlong tour so far has been hit-or-miss, with Sheen bombing in Vancouver just a night before the show in Everett, Wash., outside Seattle. During the tour, he settled into a routine that found him making roughly the same comments and jokes night after night, but on Tuesday he did manage to throw out a new bit of information.

The fired Two and a Half Men actor, who is suing his former bosses at Warner Bros. TV and series co-creator Chuck Lorre, told the audience that he is planning to star in a competing TV show for another network (in other words, not CBS), according to Everett-based HeraldNet. Sheen apparently didn't give any further details except to say the show would be "epic," but it's not clear how serious he was when he made the comments.

On previous tour stops, Sheen has expressed his desire to return to Men. But, as reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Lorre and WBTV are looking at rebooting the comedy without Sheen.

Meanwhile, Sheen also said Tuesday night that he was high the entire eight years he starred on Men.

The Comcast Arena in Everett, Wash., was reportedly set up to seat 2,000 ticketholders, but many seats remained empty. And a few people walked out during the performance.

"I'll stay here all night long," Sheen told the crowd. "I've got nowhere to be tomorrow, man."

Sheen kicked off the 20-city tour April 2 in Detroit.