Charlie Sheen Says He's Returning to Work March 1

Chuck Lorre & Charlie Sheen - Hollywood Walk Of Fame - 2009
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In another call to Dan Patrick, the actor opens about his intervention ("Viacom showed up at my house") and addresses his future on the hit CBS show.

In his second call to DirecTV’s The Dan Patrick Show in a week, Charlie Sheen said Wednesday he is returning to work March 1 and will definitely star on CBS' Two and a Half Men next year.

"Oh God, yeah! Because I have a two-year deal," he said. "I'm a man of my word."
The show has been on hiatus since last month when Sheen, 45, began treatment. He has expressed a desire to return to the set, but as THR previously reported, both CBS and Warner Bros. Television are hesitant to bring him back.
Sheen told Matthews he is "supremely grateful" for the support he has received from them.
"I don’t want to say who, but you know, basically, Viacom showed up at my house and said 'Dude, it’s getting really obvious and we’re really worried about you," he said. "We don’t give a rat’s tooey about the show, we care about your health.’ So, they came in and just man-to-man and said 'We have to shut it down.’” (Viacom and CBS became separate companies years ago.)
He also squashed rumors that his relations are strained with show creator Chuck Lorre, who this week dedicated his vanity card to the actor. (Lorre said he was going to be "pissed" if the wild partying Sheen outlived him).
"This is a giant compliment," Sheen said. "Chuck offered an olive branch, this is how I interpreted it. He’s going  through all this stuff about what he does. This is about him personally. It doesn’t get to me, it’s not about me until the end. It’s a reflection of how he feels, in comparison to how insane my life appears at times. So, I took it as a huge compliment. He basically wrote a brilliant little piece of literature and called me Superman ... We are fine!"
Sheen denied ever being "drunk" or "high" on set.
He admitted he has gone to work "having not slept much. Doing a network run-through and asking the director, Jamie, to move my mark a little bit so I could be next to a piece of furniture or a table so I wouldn’t fall over. That is an expert move by a seasoned professional. I’m sorry, an amateur stays on his mark and then falls over during the run-through.”
Before the hanging up, he even offered advice to troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, who has been in-and-out of rehab: "Just try to think things through a little bit before you do them."

Charlie Sheen's second call to Dan Patrick by The Hollywood Reporter