Charlie Sheen Seeks Reimbursement of Child Support After Losing TV Salary

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to legal documents his estranged wife Brooke Mueller filed, he wants to use the cash to "knock off a few people."

Now that production has been shut down on Two and a Half Men and Charlie Sheen is no longer receiving his $1.2 million-per-episode paycheck -- Sheen is asking for $20,000 a month he pays in child support back, according to court documents filed by his estranged wife Brooke Mueller.

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Mueller alleges that Sheen asked for the money back: "untraceable cash to knock off a few people because the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished." See the documents on

Mueller also writes in those court documents that Sheen threatened to cut her head off, put it in a box and send it to her mom, which he denied on the Today show Wednesday morning.

A judge granted Mueller a restraining order against Sheen Tuesday afternoon.

Later that day, their twin sons, Bob and Max, were removed from Sheen's home by police.