World Series: Charlie Sheen Shows Up to Game 7 Dressed as 'Major League' Character

Charlie Sheen World Series Split ONE USE - H 2016
Newscom; Courtesy of Photofest

Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn is back in Cleveland.

Charlie Sheen fulfilled his promised Wednesday night, showing up to Game 7 of the World Series decked out like his character Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn from the 1989 movie Major League.

The actor, who is a huge baseball fan, arrived sporting Vaughn's signature spectacles and hat as he made his way through the throngs of Cleveland Indians fans that heralded his arrival.

Sheen has had a long history with the sport, having starred in a slew of films about the game and even grew up playing it. He even recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about his love for baseball and shared recaps of past games.

Sheen, who is backing the Indians to win the World Series, was hoping to be chosen to throw out the first pitch of Game 7, but former Indians outfielder Kenny Lofton was assigned that honor. Nevertheless, Sheen found a way to steal the limelight for a few moments anyway.