Charlie Sheen Spoofs Himself for DirecTV and Fiat Ads (Videos)

"Arrested Development"
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Cocktails with Charlie Sheen to promote his new syndicated series are what's hot at NATPE Jan. 23.

Ahead of his sitcom comeback, the former "Two and a Half Men" star features in 30 second spots.

Paying Charlie Sheen to be associated with your brand? What a difference a year makes.

Just a few days short of the year anniversary of his firing from Two and a Half Men, Sheen is back on the airwaves as the star of two new ads. And quite appropriately, both spots, for DirecTV and and Fiat play on the epic, drug and prostitute-filled romp that filled his early 2011 meltdown.

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The ad for Fiat's mini 500 Abarth more directly addresses the tumultuous time in his life; he zooms around a mansion in the car during a party, drawing cheers as he exits the vehicle -- court-ordered ankle tracking bracelet in full view -- and meets a beautiful woman. "I love being on house arrest," he says, and though he wasn't ever actually legally confined to his home, the message is clear.

Satellite television provider DirecTV teases Sheen's troubles, placing him in the pool at a Turkish bathhouse before flipping the script and having him playfully recreating scenes from his Vietnam War film Platoon in a man's living room.

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The spots are a part of Sheen's meta comeback, which has largely consisted of projects that wink -- or wholeheartedly embrace -- his checked past. He was roasted by Comedy Central in September, and in June will star in an FX series based on the Adam Sandler-Jack Nicholson film Anger Management, in which he'll play an unconventional anger therapist.