Charlie Sheen to Take Tour to Australia, Europe

Courtesy of NovaFM

'Violent Torpedoes of Truth' would become 'An Evening with Charlie Sheen' for overseas audiences.

SYDNEY -- Charlie Sheen plans to revamp his now completed Violent Torpedo Of Truth tour into An Evening With Charlie Sheen to take it global, kicking off in Australia in the first week of June, he told a Sydney radio station Thursday.

Sheen was to due to come Down Under Sunday to do a radio show with his Aussie cohort, FM radio host Scott Dooley, but has put those plans on hold after setting up a fundraiser for the Alabama tornado victims earlier this week.

Calling in to Dooley’s breakfast radio show on Sydney station Nova969, Sheen said he was planning a benefit for Alabama that would involve a baseball game, a concert and a dinner, coming of the back off a fundraising website Torpedoes Against Tornados he set up this week after visiting Alabama Sunday.

Once that was done he’ll turn to a two-week, six or seven-city tour encompassing Australia, and several cities in Europe and Asia.

“Why don’t I take this thing on the road to Australia, parts of Europe, parts of Asia. If I pick out six cities over two weeks and if it wasn’t about violent torpedoes and truth seeking but more about an evening with Charlie Sheen, if I told people what to expect maybe they wouldn’t heckle me like the drunk clowns that they are, ” Sheen told Dooley.

The tour would not be backed by Live Nation and would involve a tighter audience question and answer format over two hours.

After wrapping his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour in Toronto last week, Sheen told Dooley, “I feel so relieved to be done with it."

“I think the tour was overbooked and it went on too long. It wasn’t a question of my fatigue factor but I had to keep digging a little deeper each night in the new cities to remind myself that it was new for them,” he said.

True to Sheen form he couldn’t resist a spray at his tour promoters Live Nation, and media covering the tour.

“I had to start the show by saying ‘if you’re media and you’re here, start by writing about the things that happen. Park your bookend opinion, wrap-up, preamble for a second and pay attention to what’s going on and you might learn something and make your journalism professors proud.' They didn’t listen to it,” he said.

Of working with Live Nation he said “I’ve really come to the end of the Live Nation deal. It was my first time and they knew they’d be dealing with a rookie so they could manipulate and smoke screen all the time. But that’s OK. Knowledge is power.”

On bringing his show to a wider global audience with different sensibilities Sheen said, “It would seem like the European mentalities would give me a little more time and a little more patience to actually listen and embrace a format like that, where they come in knowing what to expect."

Proceeds from the overseas tour would go towards the Torpedoes Against Tornados Foundation, he said.