Charlie Sheen Threatened With $100,000 Fine for Smoking on Stage

Geoff Robins/AFP/Getty Images

Instead the actor -- who was booed and cheered in Canada -- lit up an electronic cigarette.

Was Charlie Sheen a hit in Toronto on Thursday night?

Depends on whom you ask.

"The crowd inside is loving Sheen's act," TMZ wrote mid-show of Sheen's first stop in the city, at Massey Hall.

But according to Toronto's Globe and Mail columnist Lynn Crosbie, who live-tweeted the event, the crowd at certain points seemed unimpressed.

"Crowd so fugue state they are booing silent pauses," she wrote, adding that a Sheen at one point started taking questions from the audience and made the "people upstairs insane with rage" that he was staying on the main floor of the venue. She added that the Q&A was "disastrous" and the crowd was overall somewhat unruly.

"This is getting so ugly! Crowd so drunk so brain damaged cannot hear timid in comparison Sheen," Crosbie wrote, adding that "Sheen is Mr Rogers compared to crowd. What happened to polite Canada?"

But when Sheen went back to the stage and started talking about Two and a Half Men, the crowd was "appeased," according to Crosbie.

Sheen talked about his being fired from the show, claiming his former bosses "knew" he was "high for eight years."

He also at one point said Men "looks like it's going forward," seemingly a reference to discussions he's claimed he's had with his former bosses about returning the show.

Earlier Thursday, Warner Bros. lawyers' sent a legal letter to Sheen, contradicting those claims. On Thursday afternoon, Sheen's lawyer, Marty Singer, disputed WB's claim as "ridiculous."

During the show, Sheen stuck to his talk show format but had a new co-host, Canadian comedian Russell Peters, who told the audience he was donating his fee to a multiple sclerosis organization.

When Peters asked Sheen if his former co-star Jon Cryer had called, Sheen replied that he had changed his number.

TMZ also reported that Sheen -- who has been smoking nearly nonstop on all of his tour performances -- found a way to circumvent Toronto's anti-smoking law during the show: by lighting up an electronic cigarette.

Massey Hall management told TMZ they would have to consider shutting down the show if Sheen smoked a real cigarette onstage, saying they could be fined up to $100,000 by the city.

Other "highlights" from the show:

-- Sheen said the first star he ever slept with was Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey.

-- His best friends are, in order: Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage and Sheen's father, Martin Sheen.

-- Sheen accused local jeweler Russell Oliver of "doing" his ex-wife Denise Richards.

-- A little person was brought out onstage at one point during the show: "Tragically pointless," Crosbie wrote.

-- Sheen read an article about a woman who got over the grief of her husband's death by watching Men. Sheen then went on to toast his ashes -- with apple cider, according to Crosbie -- and the widow herself apparently came out on stage to tell her story.

-- Sheen described his life as half Jaws, half Apocalypse Now.

-- Sheen also discussed the LAPD's raid of his house last month, during which police search for weapons that would have been in violation of the since revoked restraining order that his ex-wife Brooke Mueller had taken out against him. He said he had two hours' notice of the search, which resulted in 100 officers "picking through the asbestos." Among other items, they confiscated an antique gun from the 1800s, which Peters called the "gayest gun ever."

-- Sheen said he doesn't trust the mainstream media, including Howard Stern.

Sheen performs again in Toronto on Friday night.