Charlie Sheen Ticket Prices Rise in NYC After Chicago Standing Ovation

Geoff Robins/AFP/Getty Images

They dropped to as little as $24 on StubHub after he was booed in Detroit, but are inching upwards.

Tickets for Charlie Sheen's Torpedo of Truth tour in New York City are on the rise.

After his rocky weekend debut — in which he was booed off the stage in Detroit, but received a standing ovation in Chicago — seats dropped to a paltry $24 on Monday morning. A spokeswoman for the site predicted they could go down further: "We could definitely see close to a fire sale."

But just 24 hours later, likely following the press surrounding his tour, tickets have bounced back up to $40 and $42 on the ticket reseller site for Radio City Music Hall.

There are still plenty of tickets left: 1,127 at $42, and 1,587  at $40. And they’re still down considerably from their $126 face value.

Sheen has promised changes for his live show, which plays in Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday,  Columbus on Wednesday (where some tickets are going for as much as $332 on StubHub), and Radio City on Friday and Sunday.

"There's a couple things here I've got to f--king work out," he told E! News. "I don't know if I start the show alone and it turns into this [a Q&A format] or I just stay with this 'cause it's f--king working and we'll f--king return to it if I don't."

Critics have been mixed Sheen's show. Wrote The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney: "Call it tiger blood or Adonis DNA if you will. Just don't call it entertainment." How Sheen can fix his 23-date, 20-city road trip.