Charlie Sheen Wants a New 'Major League' Movie

Courtesy Everett Collection

The troubled star is eager to remake the 1989 comedy where he starred as Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn.

Charlie Sheen is eager to replay his part in the Major League franchise.

The star of Two and Half Men wants to take up his classic comedic character Ricky 'Thing" Vaughn in a new version of the film, he tells TMZ.

Sheen said he'd do a new version of the 1989 movie if a script were greenlighted. He insists it will be Major League 3, even though Major League: Back to the Minors is technically the third film in the franchise.

Sheen, however, does not see the artistic merits to the third film -- calling it "an abortion” -- and does not believe it should be counted with the rest of the Major League films.

Sheen screened the original Major League during a baseball All-Star party at his house over the weekend that included baseball stars Brian Wilson, Eddie Murray and Lenny Dykstra.