Charlie Sheen's Houston Show: 'Filthy, Dirty and Hilarious'

The Washington Post/Getty Images

On the heels of a few disastrous performances, the actor "had the wild crowd in his palms," the Houston Chronicle reports.

Charlie Sheen regained his mojo in Houston on Tuesday night.

The actor resumed his My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option tour in the Lone Star State, where he was a hit with the audience, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"He was self-effacing, outrageous, filthy dirty and hilarious," the paper's Ken Hoffman wrote. "I know, I know; the whole thing was surprising. Whatever you've heard about half-filled audiences walking out on Sheen in other cities, it didn't happen in Houston. He had the wild crowd in his palms -- they loved him."

Sheen took the stage at Houston's Verizon Wireless Theater in a Houston Astros jersey, which he gave away to a female ticketholder celebrating her birthday. Underneath that, he wore a University of Houston jersey, which also gave to someone in the audience. (He was wearing a T-shirt that said "Duh! Winning" underneath that; attendees could purchase the shirt in the lobby for $30.)

According to the Chronicle, Sheen spent 45 minutes talking about his ex-wives, his former job on Two and a Half Men and his former drug habits.

"It was like paying $100 to watch an AA meeting -- only funny," Hoffman wrote.

He also talked about running for president, saying some polls put him ahead of Sarah Palin and President Obama. "Hey, at least I was born here," said Sheen, who recently revealed himself to be a "birther."

Roastmaster Jeffrey Ross -- who has been praised as the only good thing about some of Sheen's previous shows -- again was present on this stop of the tour. Among his quips:

"If this is winning, this must not be a custody hearing."

"Charlie was disappointed when he got to Texas. He thought it was the Porn Star State."

"This is pretty tricky. How do you roast a meltdown?"