Charlie Sheen's Tampa Bay Show: 'This Was Almost Too Organized'

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images
Charlie Sheen

The actor gave a female attendee who wore a low-cut top to the concert his Tampa Bay Lightning jersey, which prompted her to reveal her chest.

Charlie Sheen gave fans exactly what they paid for on Friday night at Tampa Bay’s St. Pete Times Forum on his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, the St. Petersburg Times reports.

Wearing a Tampa Bay Lightning jersey, the former Two and a Half Men star confessed after taking the stage 45 minutes late, “I’m sweating like a gerbil at a Richard Gere convention,” before taking off the jersey and handing it to a female attendee wearing a low-cut shirt. She then showed her chest as a thank you.

"You know you're at a Charlie Sheen show when it's Good Friday and there's nudity," he quickly responded.

The show, described as a cross between a “raucous frat party and high-velocity Nascar race” by the Times, surprised the crowd – who was expecting a trainwreck of sorts – showing that he could in fact be normal to a certain extent. Among the topics discussed at the show was film critic Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel harping on his role in Wall Street.

Comedian Jeffrey Ross provided most of the entertaining bits, the Times wrote: “You made your dad ashamed to share the same fake name with you,” he joked, referencing Sheen’s father Martin, who was born Ramon Estevez.

The “trainwreck” of the night came when the audience asked questions for Sheen to answer, with most of the chosen ones not actually having any to ask. The night was also hardly a sell-out. Though the venue can fit 3,000 people, 1,839 attended according to Forum officials.

“I wanted more yelling and more going wrong,” attendee Desiree Greico told the Times. “This was almost too organized.”

Several attendees told the local news that they thought the Sheen show was a "waste of money" and "the worst show ever."