Charlie Sheen's New Web Show: 6 Most Awkward Moments

"Sheen's Korner" hit the web on Saturday night and attracted more than 100,000 viewers.

Charlie Sheen's first-ever webcast attracted more than 100,000 viewers on Saturday night. But it certainly had its share of tough viewing moments. Actually, there were a lot of tough moments. But here are the top six:

1) The fart noises plugged in throughout by Sheen's "musical director" Simon Rex. Not funny the first time, this was the background noise throughout the interview.

2) Sheen's insistence on quoting his phrase "plan better" when clearly there was no planning involved with this production. The one planned segment was Sheen's unveiling of his "winning" tattoo on his wrist in the opening. The rest was cable access at its worst.

"Now what? We're out of material," he admitted at one point.

That was obvious. Or to re-quote Sheen, “duh!”

Semi-planned segments such as "Winning News" fell flat and suffered painful deaths. So that left Sheen just riffing, which got old real quick. At one point he pulled out the organizer in his drawer and started detailing the items inside. Another big topic was the lack of air conditioning.

3) Sheen's reliance on his past quotes: Rather than saying anything interesting and new, the actor simply read some of the lines from his week of memorable interviews. Not-winning. But his catch-term "winning" suffered the most repeat-abuse.  Once mildly funny, it has officially been beaten into the ground. Shark has been jumped.

4) The cheap shot on publicist Stan Rosenfield: Sheen couldn't resist knocking his pr guy who quit last week. "Where's my make-up guy, he must have quit like Stan Rosenfield," he said at one point.

5. When Sheen’s musical director played Duran Duran’s 1984 hit “Wild Boys.” Sheen and company said and did nothing for several moments. Not wild.

6. The concept that this could be back: Sheen couldn't stop plugging the idea that the show could be back on a weekly, perhaps daily basis. Judging by the numbers, which peaked at well over 100,000 but then steadily dwindled, you'd suspect this won't happen. But it's a scary concept.