Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart's Hairstylist on Pushing Beauty Boundaries With Short Hair

Charlize Theron - Adir Abergel - Kristin Stewart - Getty -Split-H 2019
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"She's fearless when it comes to expressing beauty," Adir Abergel said of Stewart.

Kristen Stewart stepped out at the Charlie's Angels premiere last week in a hand-embellished Kevin Germanier dress with upcycled Swarovski crystals. But in between the flashing lights and cameras clicking, The actress turned to her hairstylist for a red carpet touch-up. In a moment that sent social media buzzing, Adir Abergel used his hands to fluff Stewart's cropped locks for an airy and edgy look before she returned for more photos.

"It was very hard with her outfit to actually lift her hands, so I was right by her and I will tell you, there's a technique when you want to actually create an undercut. So you have to go with the back of your hand and lift it," Abergel told The Hollywood Reporter about the moment. He spoke with THR on Monday at the American Influencer Awards at the Dolby Theatre about the individual styles of Stewart and client Charlize Theron, both of whom have opted for short hair during their recent press tours for Charlie's Angels and Bombshell, respectively.

Many people don't realize that short hair can have "an incredible amount of diversity," said Abergel. When it comes to Theron, "they've been shocked by what we've been able to create with something that feels [like] one kind of a cut. So it was a bowl cut, but now we were able to bleach it out, we're able to push it to the side. I'm hoping that by the time we get to the Golden Globes and all of that, the hair will grow out a little bit, so maybe it will transition into something different," he said.

Abergel loves that men and women alike can dream that short hair is not "this one-dimensional thing," but enables the possibility of many different looks. "People have a lot of fear around what traditional beauty really is," he said. "People think that if I have long hair, I can do a lot more with it, which is actually not true." The hairstylist, who also works with Saoirse Ronan and Jennifer Garner, believes hair is the perfect medium for self-expression.

Abergel said Stewart's current hairstyle is reminiscent of the '70s Chelsea Girl vibe mixed with '90s grunge: "It's a great beautiful way to not feel homogenized in a time where sometimes it feels like everyone has the same length of hair or the same color. This feels a little bit more rock and roll. It feels a little more undone. It feels very individual to Kristen," he told THR. Abergel describes the actress' style as "individual, unpredictable, which is rad, and confident. Those are the evolutions that we're always going to see with her. She's fearless when it comes to expressing beauty." 

After working on biotech beauty brand Virtue Labs, Abergel predicts stars are going to follow Kim Kardashian West's lead of bold, chunky and untraditional highlights, or go "way brighter" with color in coming months. Will Stewart choose a vibrant shade again, as she did at the 2019 Met Gala? "I hope so. I think you probably will. You'll see it with a few of my different girls," he teased.

Charlie's Angels opened Nov. 15, and Bombshell is set to hit theaters Dec. 13.