Charlize Theron Talks Gender Pay Gap in Hollywood: "This is a Good Time for us to Bring This to a Place of Fairness"

Charlize Theron - H 2015
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Charlize Theron - H 2015

The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star tells Elle U.K. how she negotiated equal pay for her role in the 'Snow White and the Huntsman' sequel and her reaction to the Sony hack revelations about alleged 'American Hustle' pay disparities.

Oscar winner Charlize Theron will be back in theaters next Friday, starring opposite Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road.

The actress will also be seen next year in the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, reprising her role as Ravenna. Theron made headlines earlier this year for reportedly negotiating to be paid the same for that film (allegedly more than $10 million) as her male co-star Chris Hemsworth.

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Speaking to Elle U.K. for its June cover story, Theron says the company behind The Huntsman was very open to her request. She goes on to advocate for equal pay for women, joining stars like Patricia Arquette and Emma Watson, who've called for that in recent months.

"'I have to give them credit because once I asked, they said yes," she says. "They did not fight it. And maybe that’s the message: That we just need to put our foot down. This is a good time for us to bring this to a place of fairness, and girls need to know that being a feminist is a good thing. It doesn’t mean that you hate men. It means equal rights. If you’re doing the same job, you should be compensated and treated in the same way.

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Theron adds that she was upset when the Sony hack revealed that Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were allegedly paid less for their roles in American Hustle than their male co-stars.

"When I thought about the temperature out there — with finding out what Jennifer and Amy were being paid on a set with guy actors who are their counterparts … They’re just as good as any of the guys on there," she said. "Yeah, that pissed me off!"