Charlotte Rampling: "I Was Looking Forward to Getting Older to Have More Understanding" — Actress Oscar Roundtable

"If a woman is determined, she will get what she wants because we are very determined creatures, and if we have a little bit of talent as well, with that determination, that's what we will do," says '45 Years' star Charlotte Rampling.

Charlotte Rampling of 45 Years shared with The Hollywood Reporter how she looked forward to getting older when she was a younger woman. The actress explained she wanted "to have more of it: more insight, more understanding, maybe some understanding. Obviously more experiences, but that this could give me the food for future performances."

Asked if she has reached a new level of understanding, Rampling explained, "I'm much more tolerant with others and with myself, which means I have got to a certain understanding because I'm not in rebellion all the time. ... I'm not angry so much. But they're useful when we're younger, those feelings. They're really useful because they fire us. They lead us on."

The actress lives away from the center of a Hollywood life, instead choosing to reside in Paris. "We can all protect our lives, but if we don't protect our private lives, then we're not actually going to be able to get out there and do what we do," she said of the choices she has made in her lifestyle and career. "We are so vulnerable out there. We need to be vulnerable. That is part of the game. That is the price we pay: We go out there, and we do it. Whatever the consequences, we do it, so we have to have somewhere to come back to, to be safe."

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