Charlton Heston Supporters Rally to Get His Image On a Stamp

Actor's former publicist organized Weds.' Walk of Fame gathering, but 'Ben Hur' star isn't eligible to adorn postage until 2013.

Supporters of an effort to get Charlton Heston's image on a U.S. Postal stamp gathered at the deceased actor's star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on Wednesday.

Heston's former publicist Michael Levine organized the event, and he came armed with statements of support from Phoenix Pictures chairman and CEO Mike Medavoy, entertainment attorney Bruce Ramer and others.

"Heston was an iconic American actor known everywhere in the world as a friend and family man, patriotic and very giving to his community," Medavoy said.

Heston, known as much for his conservative politcal activism as he is for epic roles in movies like Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments, died April 5, 2008 and isn't eligible to adorn a stamp until 2013.

But supporters figure it's not too early to start lobbying the Citizen Stamp Advisory Commission, especially given that it might be an uphill climb, given that Heston's term of president of the National Rifle Association has made him a polarizing figure in some circles.

Like in Hollywood, for example.

Levine began his campaign to convince the powers-that-be that Heston is stamp-worthy in October. Since then, 1,600 people have signed his online petition.

Attending Wednesday's Walk of Fame event was political commentator Bruce Herschensohn and actors Stephen Macht (General Hospital, Melrose Place) and Patrick Kilpatrick (Minority Report, Last Man Standing).

Other actors who already have their mugs on a stamp include John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Lucille Ball and Jimmy Stewart.