CHART: Prices paid by foreign terrestrial stations for U.S. TV shows


The prices paid by foreign TV stations for American shows are all over the map, with hits commanding big bucks, but with lesser fare languishing from market to market.

Buyers and sellers both insist there is no such thing as an average price and that it's all about the worth of each individual show -- and the competitive landscape in each territory. U.K. prices, for example, have been skewed by unprecedentedly high fees for top U.S. series. As a broad guideline, The Hollywood Reporter offers a rundown, based on figures from U.S. studios and foreign program buyers, of average estimated license fees per episode paid by terrestrial stations in key territories across the globe.

Drama prices are by the hour; sitcoms and docs/kids/arts are by the half-hour. While the average per episode for a finished reality show is suggested here, prices for the genre can fluctuate depending on whether the purchase is of a format or a finished show.