Charter Communications Creates Streaming Directory for Netlfix, Amazon and Hulu Content

Broadband subscribers will now have a single destination to search and watch available streaming video.

Charter Communications is making a big push for online content. The cable and Internet provider announced Tuesday that subscribers can now access streaming videos from multiple parties at a single online directory.

Available content from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu are all included in the initiative, hosted on the company's The company adds this content to its current library, already included

“Consumers are watching streaming video from a variety of content providers on multiple devices at an increasing rate,” said Rich DiGeronimo, Charter’s senior vice president of product and strategy. “Charter is embracing this change in landscape, and making the search and discovery for all types of content easier and more convenient for consumers by integrating content from numerous sources into a single online directory. We’re starting by expanding our online functionality, but this is just the beginning of our aspiration to deliver the best customer experience with all video content on all devices, everywhere our customers go -- over the most robust network.”

Charter plans to expand the online directory to tablets and mobile devices over the course of the next year.

Access to the directory now accompanies Charter subscriptions, though users will have to maintain their individual relationships with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu to view the actual content.