Chase and Dreyfuss on the pilot runway


In what would be his first regular primetime gig, Chevy Chase has been tapped to co-star on NBC's comedy pilot "Community." Meanwhile, Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss will star opposite Jason Biggs on the CBS comedy pilot "Happiness Isn't Everything."

Additionally, Beau Garrett and Mike Vogel are set as the two leads on ABC's "Empire State," the U.K.'s Sophie Winkleman has landed the title role on NBC's "100 Questions for Charlotte Payne" and Paul Campbell will lead the cast of ABC's "No Heroics."

In other pilot castings, Warren Christie has landed the male lead and Denzel Whitaker a supporting role on CBS' "House Rules." Tim Peper, Stephanie Lemelin and Baron Vaughn are set to star on ABC's "Canned," Matthew Lillard and Janet Varney will play leads on ABC's untitled Jeff Strauss comedy and Lindsey Broad has landed the female lead on NBC's "State of Romance."

Also, Jaime Lee Kirchner has joined NBC's "Mercy," Rachel Nichols and Laz Alonso have come aboard CBS' U.S. Attorney drama, Archie Panjabi has been added to CBS' "The Good Wife" and Larry Joe Campbell to ABC's "The Law."

Sony's "Community" is described as "Stripes" at a community college and centers on Jeff (Joel McHale), a lawyer back in school after his college degree is declared invalid.

Chase will play another community college student who has been married five times.

Also cast in the pilot is Danny Pudi, repped by DSA and Station3, as Jeff's buddy.

Chase, who has done multiepisode arcs on "Brothers & Sisters" and "Chuck," next appears in "Stay Cool," which premieres in the spring at the Tribeca Film Festival. He is repped by Fortitude and Kritzer/Levine/ Wilkins.

Sony/CBS Par's "Happiness," from Mitch Hurwitz, revolves around adult siblings and their parents who are over-involved in one another's lives. Dreyfuss will play the pushy, loving and funny patriarch of the family; Biggs will play his son.

Also cast in the pilot is Ben Schwartz as Biggs' explosive older brother.

Dreyfuss, who recently portrayed Vice President Dick Cheney in "W.," next stars in the romantic comedy "My Life in Ruins."

ABC Studios' "Empire" is a contemporary Romeo-and-Juliet tale about a blue-collar man (Vogel) who falls in love with the beautiful and smart daughter (Garrett) of a wealthy businessman and his father's nemesis.

Garrett ("Fantastic Four") recently was tapped to co-star in the upcoming "Tron 2." She is repped by ICM and 1 Management.

UMS' "Payne" is about a young woman (Winkleman) working at a dating service who navigates life and friendship in New York.

ABC Studios' "Heroics" revolves around four B-list superheroes living among the general population. Canadian Campbell ("Knight Rider") plays the leader of the group, a Canadian-born superhero who can freeze small objects. He is repped by WMA and ROAR.

ABC Studio's drama "Rules" follows the freshman class of Congress and centers on the love-hate relationship between a school teacher-turned-congresswoman (Zoe McLellan) and the House Speaker's chief of staff (Christie). Whitaker will play a former student of the teacher who works for her part time.

Whitaker, who recently booked a role in "Warrior," is repped by WMA and Luber-Roklin.

ABC Studios' "Canned" is about a group of friends — two of them played by Peper and Vaughn — who are fired in a corporate shake-up. Lemelin will play Peper's girlfriend and co-worker who not only survives the layoffs but gets promoted.

ABC's Strauss comedy explores marriage and parenthood through the eyes of three couples. Lillard and Varney will play the halves of two of the couples.

UMS' "Romance," is described as a modern "Pride and Prejudice" and centers on Emily (Broad) and Mike, who meet awkwardly on a plane.

UMS' "Mercy" revolves around three nurses. Kirchner, repped by Gersh and Blue Stone Entertainment, will play one of them.

CBS Par's U.S. Attorney drama is a legal ensemble about a team of New York federal prosecutors, two of them played by Nichols and Alonso.

CBS Par's "Wife" centers on a politician's wife (Julianna Margulies) who gets a job at a top law firm. Panjabi will play a co-worker, described as a bisexual Bollywood Erin Brockovich.

ABC Studios' "Law" revolves around reserve LAPD officers, one of them played by Cedric the Entertainer. Campbell will play Cedric's training officer.