'Chasing Nashville': First Look at Lifetime's New Docu-Series (Exclusive Video)

The show, centering on four aspiring singers, debuts Oct. 22.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive first look at Lifetime's new docu-series Chasing Nashville, which follows the lives of four your aspiring singers as they purse fame and fortune in "Music City."  

The also takes a look at the girls' home lives and their parents efforts to support them, sometimes at any cost.  

The singers include Autumn Blair, described as a "true coal-miner's daughter" who is related to Loretta Lynn; Helena Hunt, who lives in an actual log cabin and can play the banjo; Lauren Marie Presley, who is being supported by her single mother while constantly reminding her that she may be related to the legendary Elvis Presley; and Savannah Little, whose mom manages every aspect of her career and spares no expense to ensure that she succeeds. The series also features Julia Knight, Celeste Turner and Tyra Short.

The singers will be mentored by Grammy-winning producer Keith Thomas (Trisha Yearwood's You're Where I Belong) and writer/producer Deanna Walker (The Dixie Chicks).

Lifetime has ordered nine hourlong episodes of the series, which debuts at 10 p.m. PT/ET on Tuesday, Oct. 22 following season two of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.