'Chasing Taste' Clip Introduces Unexpected Food Critic (Exclusive Video)

The screwball romantic comedy will be available on iTunes and Verizon FiOS starting Aug. 12.

A chance encounter at a bar may have helped a young woman find exactly what she's looking for in the above exclusive clip from the upcoming screwball romantic comedy Chasing Taste.

Drowning her sorrows and carrying a box of her office possessions, Katie (Uma Incrocci) is certain she's about to be fired because the literary agency assistant hasn't found a new food critic by the end of the day as her boss demanded.

Suddenly she overhears a group of people at the end of the bar. The man is opining about lowly onion rings, connecting the disappointment to adolescent regret. His musing is enough to pique her interest.

The man is Chase Guidry (Kirk McGee), a down-and-out writer turned food critic who suddenly loses his sense of taste and smell and enlists his friends to serve as his mouth and nose.

The ensemble film will be available on iTunes and Verizon FiOS on Aug. 12 via the Seed&Spark crowdfunding and distribution service. The movie is the first feature-length production for director Sean Gannet and writer Lori Fischer. The film also stars country musician Phil Vassar, April Wilkner (America's Next Top Model), Maitely Weismann (Masters of Sex), Jabari Gray (Law & Order: SVU) and Ty Jones (Power). Lynn Cohen (Sex and the City, Master of None) also makes an appearance.

Chasing Taste won best comedy feature film at the 2013 Burbank International Film Festival and the 2014 Manhattan Film Festival.

"We are thrilled to partner with Seed&Spark on the distribution of Chasing Taste," director Gannet said in a statement. "This film is a true reflection of the humor, dedication and grit of our great team. It's a movie that's sure to tickle funny bones and excite taste buds."