CHCH announces fall schedule

Late night offerings include 'Nightline,' 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

TORONTO -- Canadian superstation CHCH is back in the U.S. primetime series business.

The Toronto-based over-the-air TV station unveiled a fall schedule top-lined by CW's "Supernatural" and "Smallville" series, CBS' 48 Hours Mystery, NBC's "Chuck" and ABC's "20/20" series.

Hamilton, Ontario-based CHCH, which also beams into the Toronto market, will also go late night with ABC's "Nightline" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

The return to U.S. primetime follows CHCH last year being acquired by indie broadcaster Channel Zero from a struggling Canwest Global Communications Corp.

Channel Zero immediately ditched expensive U.S. series from the station's schedule, including a slate of E! Entertainment-branded shows, and went instead with a rolling news format by day, and movies at night and on weekends.

But Channel Zero emerged as a buyer of U.S. series at the Los Angeles Screenings as it put together an upcoming fall/winter schedule to entice advertisers and audiences.
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