Checkmark's the spot for Cinesavvy pact

Canadian outfit inks two-picture deal

BERLIN -- Canadian sales and financing outfit Cinesavvy has inked a two-pic deal with L.A.-based Checkmark Films that will see Checkmark put up P+A financing for Cinesavvy productions "Frankie & Alice" and "Cell 213," both of which Cinesavvy is premiering at the EFM.

"Frankie & Alice" is a psychological drama starring Halle Berry as a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder who is treated by a psychologist, played by Stellan Skarsgard.

"Cell 213" is a prison thriller starring Eric Balfour and Michael Rooker.

The P&A deal for "Frankie & Alice" includes the financing of an Oscar campaign. Cinesavvy and Checkmark are in talks with U.S. distributors for a 2010 release of the film.

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"This is not just about finding P&A for one or two films," Cinesavvy managing director Abhi Rastogi said. "It's the start of a relationship with Checkmark that will go beyond individual projects."

Added Checkmark CEO Jon Carr: "As the age-old distribution machine evolves, the day has come where packaging P&A with service distribution deals finally provides independent film with an infrastructure offering potential for maximum success for all involved."