Chelsea Clinton Denounces "Deeply Troubling" Trump Campaign on 'Late Night'

Chelsea Clinton on Seth Meyers - Publicity - H 2016
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

The former first daughter praised her mother's resilience and highlighted Donald Trump's shortcomings.

Chelsea Clinton took some time away from her mother's campaign trail to visit with Late Night's Seth Meyers on Wednesday. 

Clinton has been working hard to ensure that her mother, Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, makes history in November when she becomes the first woman ever to claim the title of commander-in-chief.

After beginning the show with a roster of zingers levied at the Trump-Pence duo, Meyers welcomed the former first daughter to discuss the obvious topic of the moment — politics.

Meyers immediately probed Clinton about how she navigates the challenges of being a constant target of hurtful commentary throughout this election.

Meyers asked, “You must feel like your family has been attacked for so long?” Clinton noted that she practically grew up watching her parents dodge constant insults. She seized the opportunity to subtly highlight the fact that Donald Trump’s campaign has done more to hurt Americans in ways that she finds “deeply troubling.”

“What feels different is that I don’t remember so many Americans being attacked by a presidential nominee.” She referenced the communities and groups that have suffered greatly from the climate of hate that seems to have permeated the election season, including the LGBT community and minorities.

Meyers also posed whether there were pertinent issues that were being overlooked in favor of the mudslinging matches that have taken over the process. Clinton brought up the subject of bullying in schools and the virus of prejudice, which she once again blamed on the reckless management of Trump’s campaign.

Things shifted into lighter gear when the discussion moved into the unfashionable '90s. Clinton woefully admitted that her mother forced her to wear multi-colored braces.

She also recalled fond memories of playing hide and seek while living in The White House. When Hillary Clinton becomes president, she said, the mother of two hopes to pass on that tradition, because by then, her daughter would be old enough to understand the game better.