Chelsea Handler on Her E! Series: "I'm So Much Smarter Than That Show Was"

Chelsea Handler - H - 2014
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The comedian will host a talk show on Netflix beginning in 2016.

Chelsea Handler might be sharing topless photos on Twitter, but it's her new gig with Netflix that has her feeling liberated from former E! talk show Chelsea Lately.

"I'm so much smarter than that show was, and I wanted to be doing a show that was smarter than I was," she said. 

Handler, who was speaking on stage at the Code/Media conference in Dana Point, Calif., has a pact with Netflix that includes a stand-up special that is currently streaming, several upcoming docucomedy specials and a talk show that will begin in 2016. For the docucomedies, Handler says she'll focus on topics including Silicon Valley, racism and unconventional relationships.

"I didn't want to go fill in someone else's shoes," said the comedian, who inked the megadeal deal with Netflix in June of last year. "I wanted to create my surroundings." 

She then elaborated about her new talk show, explaining that the format isn't in place, but said she wants it to be a "healthy mix of everything that goes on around the world," including serious international news and local human interest stories. She likened it to 60 Minutes "but faster, quicker, cooler" and added that some people will probably compare it to The Daily Show.

Handler also praised her relationship with Netflix, calling it the "only option" that she considered after leaving E! "They are super involved in the thought process," she said, later explaining that it's already a very different relationship than the one she had at her last network.

"At E! I did what I wanted, and I didn't listen to anybody because I didn't care what they had to say because I didn't respect their opinions," she said. "At Netflix, I do respect their opinions. It's like going out with a guy you're proud to be seen with." 

And what of those nude photos, which Handler has started posting on Instagram and Twitter? She explains that it started out as something silly but became a statement after Instagram took down a photo in which she posed topless on a horse like Russian President Vladimir Putin. "He shouldn't be topless," she cracked. "He's trying to run a nation." 

She explains that she started using Instagram instead of Twitter because she saw it as more user-friendly but has returned to Twitter because "they don't have a problem with nudity."