Chelsea Handler Tells Trevor Noah She's Glad She Cried On Her Netflix Show After Election

Exclusive - Chelsea Handler - CC- Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of Comedy Central

“It was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt, it was worse than even the worst breakup I’ve ever had.”

Chelsea Handler hosted an emotional post-election episode of her Netflix show in November, in which she cried and talked about her disappointment with the results. She revealed more about that experience during an interview with Trevor Noah on Thursday's The Daily Show.

"You honestly had one of the most vulnerable moments on screen," said Noah.

“It was the worst feeling I’ve ever felt, it was worse than even like the worst breakup I’ve ever had. It was the worst kind of despair," said Handler. She remembered crying on the phone with her sister, trying to convince her to move to Spain like Handler had said she would do if Trump won.

"She's like 'We're not going to Spain, lunatic,'" said Handler. She recalled going into work that day and telling her staff, "There's no way I can do a show." Guest Barbara Boxer came in and told her that this wasn't the end of the world, and she would act as Handler's anchor during the taping.

In the post-election show, Boxer was also emotional about Hillary Clinton's loss, but spoke about finding hope and motivation toward action. 

Handler said she was just focusing on how she was going to get through the day without crying onscreen. "And then I did cry on TV, and you know what? Good. I’m glad I cried. I was really upset.”

Noah asked her to explain the reasons she felt the way she did after the election and Handler said there were a lot of reasons Trump upset her. She pointed specifically to Trump's treatment of Univision reporter Jorge Ramos.

“He talked to him like he was a dog," said Handler. She said that the incident motivated her to give a voice to minorities who might not be able to speak up for themselves. "Whoever needs a fing voice, I will be your voice."

Handler spoke about how women need to support each other more, referencing the many white women who voted for Trump. She said that it wasn't about supporting Clinton because she was a woman, but because of how qualified she was. "You get behind somebody that’s done the job versus some guy who," Handler cut herself off and said, "I mean I can’t even discuss him in real terms. He’s not a real person. He takes advantage of everyone around him.”