Chelsea Handler on Why She'll Lead the Sundance March Against "Our Predator-in-Chief" (Guest Column)

Chelsea Handler - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of Netflix

Chelsea Handler - Publicity - H 2016

The late-night host and activist, who will lead the Jan. 21 protest during the festival, writes for THR about stopping the "right-wing political assault" on the Affordable Care Act and Planned Parenthood.

As America prepares for the inauguration on Jan. 20, we, the united women of these United States — holding hands in solidarity with our boyfriends, our girlfriends, our brothers, our uncles, our nephews and our husbands — will march on Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Park City and all across the world on Jan. 21 to show our passion and resolve for the democratic spirit of America that respects all women’s right to live in a society as equals, not as second-class citizens.

Women are under a right-wing political assault, and I intend to fight back with all my might against a Republican president, a Republican Congress, and the radical, religious right who are drooling to defund Planned Parenthood health services nationwide.

Planned Parenthood is an American institution that is 100 years old, an organization that 2.5 million Americans visit each year, and an resource that provides female health and education services on cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer screenings, endometriosis, pap tests, HPV tests, female infertility, urinary tract infections and — everyone’s personal bread-baking favorite — yeast infections and vaginitis.

And gentlemen, if you think it’s no big deal that Republicans want to defund a major nationwide health clinic like Planned Parenthood that operates 650 health centers, did you happen to know that Planned Parenthood provides colon, prostate and testicular cancer screenings, vasectomies, male infertility screening and STD testing and treatment to men? Planned Parenthood is for the guys, too.

Republicans want to eliminate all of this care for men and for women, and that’s after they get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which has given tens of millions of Americans health insurance for the very first time, and has also provided affordable access to birth control.

America, this isn’t 1957; it’s 2017.

There is a movement happening. There is a groundswell of passion and conviction rising among women and men. We have an opportunity right now to stand together and use our voices to fight for the very rights women fought for and won years ago.

While I’m leading the March on Main in Park City to stand up for Planned Parenthood, we all have to stand up and fight for equal rights and opportunities. It doesn’t matter who you are or what issue you’re fighting for — you can make a difference. The Women’s March on Washington and the more than 200 sister marches happening across the world are just the beginning of what we can do to demonstrate how loud and strong we are when we stand together.

Let’s teach our Predator-In-Chief a lesson that he can’t do anything he wants, and that he can’t trample all over the rights of America’s 162 million women and girls.

Men and women, please march with me, register to vote and make sure our democracy can be heard loud and clear as we stand together and fight for women’s rights, individual rights and our American rights against those who wish to turn back the clock to the Dark Ages.

To my colleagues in the creative community, please join me in marching forward and in making progress. By exercising our constitutional rights, we will fight for the future of an America that treats women and men with real respect and respects the privacy of a woman’s body.

And to Republicans who are ready to repeal laws and defund institutions that ensure crucial care for men and women, get your heads away from the nation’s bedroom windows, and go get some treatment for your vaginitis at Planned Parenthood.