Chelsea Handler Insists She'll Leave the U.S. if Donald Trump Becomes President

Chelsea_Handler_Talking_Donald_Trump - H 2016
Screengrab/Live Kelly and Michael

Chelsea_Handler_Talking_Donald_Trump - H 2016

The comedian, appearing on Wednesday's 'Live With Kelly and Michael,' also joked that she would "blow [her] head up" if the presumptive GOP nominee is elected.

Lena Dunham isn't the only woman in Hollywood seriously planning to leave the U.S. if Donald Trump is elected.

Chelsea Handler also seems to be committed to relocating if the presumptive GOP nominee becomes president.

The comedian, whose new late night series debuted on Netflix early Wednesday morning, has previously said that she has a house in Spain that will be ready right after the election in case she needs to leave, but she indicated on Wednesday's Live With Kelly and Michael that that's not just talk.

"I did buy a house in another country just in case, so all of these people that threaten to leave the country and then don't, I will leave the country," she said.

She also joked about taking far more drastic action in the event of a Trump presidency.

"After Barack Obama, I'm just going to blow my head up" Handler joked of a Trump regime.

"Don't do anything drastic," Kelly Ripa cautioned.

Handler also opened up about how she was almost charmed by him when she met him in person.

"I met him once. He came up to me at a restaurant in Los Angeles," she said. "And he's very tall and I like tall men and I remember going, 'You're not nearly as disgusting as I thought you were.' I almost was charmed. Almost. So he's dangerous."

She went on to argue, like others have, that she doesn't think Trump thought his campaign would go this far.

"I don't think he was really ready to take the job. He just loves attention and he loves to talk about himself," she said. "Now I think he's thinking 'oh, whoa, we better get this under control.' I mean he can't possibly be really trying to be elected to become president. That doesn't make any sense."