Chelsea Manning Releases New Post-Transition Photo

"Here I am everyone," she says in the caption.

A day after her release from a Kansas military prison, Chelsea Manning posted a new photo of herself on social media.

"Okay, so here I am everyone!!" she wrote, adding the hashtag #HelloWorld.

Manning served seven years of her 35-year sentence, after the soldier was convicted of providing Wikileaks with classified government materials. She was arrested in 2010 and filed a transgender rights lawsuit in prison. Her lawyers said she attempted suicide twice last year. Obama shortened the sentence to seven years just before he left office.

"After another anxious four months of waiting, the day has finally arrived," Manning said in a statement following her release. "I am looking forward to so much! Whatever is ahead of me is far more important than the past. I'm figuring things out right now — which is exciting, awkward, fun, and all new for me."

The former soldier plans to live in Maryland.

A new documentary about Manning was just announced. XY Chelsea is being directed by British filmmaker Tim Travers Hawkins (1000 Voices) and executive produced by Oscar winner Laura Poitras (Citizenfour, Risk), with the filmmakers having exclusive rights to Manning's story and having had unprecedented access to her team for two years as they fought for her release.


Okay, so here I am everyone!! . . #HelloWorld

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