Cher Calls 'Hardball' to Talk Trump, Women's March: "People From All Over the World Don't Like Him"

Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

"His supporters always call us whiners, but we are going to kick their ass."

Cher called into Hardball With Chris Matthews on Saturday after participating in the Women's March against president Donald Trump to speak about the movement and her feelings on the newly inaugurated 45th president of the United States.

"People from all over the world don't like him, don't trust him, and they don't think he's a good person," said the singer.

Anti-Trump marches took place all over the globe on Saturday, just a day after Trump was sworn into office in Washington, D.C. Cher joined the march in the nation's capital.

Cher responded to comments from some who might criticize the marchers as "sore losers" following their preferred candidate losing the election to Trump, despite Hillary Clinton having received more of the popular vote. "You'd be disappointed if Mitt Romney won," said Cher. "Trump is a different thing altogether."

The singer, who has been outspoken in her dislike for Trump in the past, noted that she wasn't marching against Trump's supporters. "I actually support his people because they feel disenfranchised, and through some sort of miracle, they think he will fix their problems."

She ended her call with a rallying cry: "His supporters always call us whiners, but we are going to kick their ass."

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