Cher Attacked by Conservative Media After Calling Sarah Palin the C-Word

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Cher, left, and Sarah Palin

"Go to the dictionary, & look up the 'C' word, … next 2 the definition … you’ll see a pic of Sarah Palin! No … wait … she’s under dumb C word," the singer tweeted.

Cher was taking heat from right-wing media on Monday after she presumably called Sarah Palin a "dumb c---" and members of the Tea Party "jihadists."

Cher tweeted on Friday: "Go to the dictionary, & look up the 'C' word, … next 2 the definition … you’ll see a pic of Sarah Palin!  No … wait … she’s under dumb C word."

Cher got her share of supporters tweeting back nasty things about Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee, and she also got tweets from people who were clearly unhappy with the sentiment.

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"What are you next to in the dictionary? Bitch? Old? Hag? Ugly?" read a tweet from a detractor. "Sarah Palin is George Bush with titts. Both r dumb as fkg rocks," read a supportive tweet.

Undaunted, Cher doubled down by later tweeting: "Double my last twt & throw in the T-Jihadists."

Palin hasn't responded to the attack, but dozens of conservative media outlets on Monday had.

"Feminist Cher empowers women by calling Sarah Palin the C-word; shatters glass ceiling of crazy," read a headline at Michelle Malkin's

"Cher's Twitter crusade against the GOP and Tea Partiers alike has hit a new low," said

"Most women will tell you that other than the N-word, the C-word is the most vile in the English language never to be used. Cher apparently doesn’t hold such a belief," wrote Noel Sheppard at

"She should run for office. She'd fit right in," Jim Hoft of wrote of Cher.

"What would Cher say if a conservative made similar comments about a prominent female liberal?" asked