Cher, Johnny Knoxville set for 'Drop-Out'

Comedy written and directed by Ricky Blitt

Have you heard the one about the Cougar and the Jackass?

OK, so it's not exactly Aesop, but Cher and Johnny Knoxville are attached to star in "The Drop-Out," a comedy written by Ricky Blitt, who will also direct.

The slacker laugher tracks the fortunes of a 35-year-old career college student (Knoxville) who is finally kicked out of his parents house. Desperate, he decides to get in good with the 62-year-old woman next door

(Cher), so he can keep his food, couch and TV regimen intact. In the mix is the woman's ne'er-do-well son, who is looking for a father figure, even if it's a guy his own age.

Despite the early stages of the project, Cher recently let slip her enthusiasm for the script on "Ellen." The filmmakers are actively casting the son role.

Blitt wrote the audacious 2005 comedy "The Ringer," which also starred Knoxville and was produced by the Farrelly Brothers.

CAA-repped Knoxville is a writer-producer-star of the "Jackass" TV-film series and appeared in "Walking Tall" and "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Cher, repped by Affirmative Entertainment, won an Oscar for "Moonstruck" and last appeared in the Farrellys comedy "Stuck on You" in 2003.