Cher Reveals She's Working With Timbaland on New Album


The reigning diva, Cher, is notorious for requesting a separate room backstage for her wigs.

The music icon said her first album in 11 years will hit stores near Christmas, with a single coming in October.

Cher’s next album is shaping up to have some serious star power.

Already reported to feature a duet with Lady Gaga and two songs written by Pink, the singer revealed she has been working with Timbaland on the new record, which she says is slated for a Christmas-time release.

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She tweeted the news over the last few days:

Gaga spoke about her Cher collaboration, "The Greatest Thing," last year.

"I always write these concept records, and it just didn't fit in," Gaga said of the song. "But it's always been, like, this big, massive, beautiful hit record and everyone always says, 'Why don't you put that on your album?' And I said, 'I don't know, it just doesn't fit with everything else."

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She added: "Cher heard the song and loved it and wanted to do it together. And I said, 'F--- yeah, it's Cher!"

Cher's new release will be her 26th studio album, and her first since 2001's Living Proof.