Cher Says If Trump Wins "I’m Gonna Have to Leave the Planet"

Cher Getty H 2016
Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

The singer hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton on Thursday.

Cher didn't hold back her feelings about Donald Trump during a Hillary Clinton fundraiser she hosted on Thursday in New York. According to Page Six, the singer said that if Donald Trump wins the presidential election, "I’m gonna have to leave the planet."

Cher addressed the fact that Trump supporters call her a "libtard" and touched upon how she grew up poor before her mother married a "really rich guy and we moved to Beverly Hills and it was like the Clampetts."

The performer also said she now believes the generation she once called "dreaded millennials" needs to become more involved in politics.

"Young people with fresh ideas and ... energy is what we need,” said Cher. “We’re fading. Not fast, but we’re fading.”