Cherry Lane joins YouTube suit


NEW YORK -- Cherry Lane Music Publishing has joined the class action suit filed last month against YouTube and its parent company, Google.

Indie publisher Bourne Co. and the Football Assn. Premier League are the lead plaintiffs in the proposed class action suit, filed in May in federal court in New York. The parties are asking the court to stop the services from the "unauthorized and uncompensated use" of their creative and other copyrighted works, as well as the works of other copyright holders that would qualify as part of the class action suit.

After the suit was filed last month, Google's general counsel Kent Walker said in a statement, "These suits simply misunderstand the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which balances the rights of copyright holders against the need to protect Internet communications and content. As a result, they threaten the way people legitimately exchange information, news, entertainment, and political and artistic expression over the Internet. Most content owners understand that we respect copyrights, we work every day to help them manage their content, and we are developing state-of-the-art tools to let them do that even better."