Watch an Injured Chevy Chase Play Piano With Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
Jimmy Fallon and Chevy Chase

"It's not good — I was whacking off to old episodes of 'Mary Tyler Moore,' " joked Chase about his injury.

What's better than one injured celebrity playing the piano? Two injured celebrities playing the piano.

Jimmy Fallon, who recently experienced "ring avulsion," was joined on Wednesday by Chevy Chase, who wore a sling and got Fallon's name wrong.

"It's not good I was whacking off to old episodes of Mary Tyler Moore," joked Chase about his injury, saying of his other hand, "At least I didn't hurt this one."

Nevertheless, the two men donned an oversize blazer together and used both of their working hands to play a brief duet, accompanied by The Roots.

It's not the only musical note Fallon played that night, as he later joined U2 onstage at Madison Square Garden with a harmonica.

Watch the video below.