Chiaro upped to senior post at 'Today'


NEW YORK -- NBC News has promoted acting "Weekend Today" executive producer Amy Chiaro to a senior post at the weekday "Today."

As senior broadcast producer of "Today," Chiaro will be responsible for segments and guide bookings as well as teases and other parts of the show.

Chiaro had been acting executive producer of "Weekend Today" for nine months, taking over for Lyne Pitts when Pitts was named a vp at NBC News. Other top NBC News execs who have come from "Weekend Today" include "NBC Nightly News" executive producer Alex Wallace and Don Nash, who is second in command at "Today" to executive producer Jim Bell.

NBC News hasn't yet announced a replacement at "Weekend Today."

Chiaro has been at NBC News since 1996, when she joined the network as a researcher and then news editor. She was an associate producer at NBC News in New York and then was an associate producer, producer and coordinating producer at "Today."