Chic Collaborative Office Space NeueHouse Coming to L.A.'s Historic CBS Building

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The membership-only office-space concept from Joshua Abram and Alan Murray has teamed with Kilroy Realty Corporation to bring its next location to Columbia Square on Sunset Blvd.

NeueHouse, the Soho House of office spaces, will bring its private membership work environment concept to Los Angeles with a new flagship location inhabiting a historic CBS broadcast building on Sunset Boulevard.

NeueHouse founders Joshua Abram and Alan Murray, both veteran tech entrepreneurs, teamed with Kilroy Realty Corporation on a deal to occupy the newly renovated Radio and Business buildings that anchor Columbia Square. "We sought to find architecturally significant spaces with a heritage of innovation that are emotionally connected to their cities," Abram tells The Hollywood Reporter. The entire development is a $400 million, 685,000 square-foot project, with the NeueHouse space set to feature six floors of mixed-use creative office spaces, ranging from meeting areas to a 100-seat screening room.

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"Their vision lines up with today's work force," said Kilroy executive vice president David Simon, referring to NeueHouse's emphasis on the modern day "solopreneur," a nomad creative type working in the industry. "It was a matter of finding the right location in L.A. to fit their planning, and being in the heart of the entertainment industry and in a historic facility surrounded by studios. It made all the sense in the world."

The first NeueHouse opened its doors in May 2013 in New York City and sold out within three months, with handpicked members who submitted to a waiting list. The open-air, industrial-chic 50,000-square foot facility was designed by architect David Rockwell and interior designer Cristina Azario and gives off the vibe of a boutique hotel. Membership also includes access to a range of programming, from events through MoMA to talks by the likes of performance artist Ryan McNamara.

As for the L.A. location, Kilroy has been working closely with conservation group Hollywood Heritage to preserve the Columbia Square building, designated a historic monument in 2009. It's the former home to CBS broadcast operations, which held live radio shows by Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Edgar Bergen and Red Skelton.

The same design team will take on the L.A. branch, where "certain Neuehouse signature elements will be instantly recognizable," says Abram, but the design will "also embrace the unique nature of this landmarked space. The former sound stages, broadcast studios and theaters will be brought back to life and revitalized for contemporary creators."

The L.A. Neuehouse space is scheduled to open in the spring of 2015. Abram and Murray also are looking to expand to San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and London in the near future.