Chicago Cast of 'Hamilton' Closes Show With "Go, Cubs, Go!"

Gabriel Grams/FilmMagic
The Chicago cast of 'Hamilton'

The World Series celebration continues.

The World Series parade will take place in Chicago today, but the celebration started the moment the Cubs won Game 7 on Wednesday night. Considering the win marks the end of a 108-year drought for the team, the whole city of Chicago is naturally flooded with pride.

On Thursday night, the Chicago cast of Hamilton couldn't help but join in the celebration, too. Before curtain call, the cast jumped onstage for one final song: a jubilant rendition of Steve Goodman's legendary ode to the lovable former losers, "Go, Cubs, Go!" The audience soon joined in, and all the while, Alexander Hamilton (Miguel Cervantes) waved around the white "W" flag, and Aaron Burr (Joshua Henry) belted the classic lyric: "Baseball time is here again./ You could watch it all on WGN."

Watch the video below.

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