Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times cut up to 250 jobs


CHICAGO -- The Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times disclosed plans Monday to reduce their staffs by as many as a combined 250 jobs, the latest cutbacks in a newspaper industry reeling from a falloff in advertising and circulation.

The actions by Tribune Co.'s two largest dailies, which had been expected for months, come on top of earlier cutbacks by both papers.

The Times said it hoped to cut its staff of 2,625 by up to 150 employees, or around 5%. The Chicago Tribune said it intends to trim its staff by as many as 100, or 3%.

The company will make the cuts by a mix of closing vacant positions, attrition, buyouts and layoffs.

"The actions being undertaken at our newspapers reflect fundamental changes going on across the media industry," said Tribune Co. spokesman Gary Weitman. "We cannot stand still; as revenues have slowed, our newspapers are scaling expenses accordingly."