Chick-fil-A's Hollywood Same Sex 'Kiss-In' Draws Police

Chick-Fil-A Logo - H 2011

Chick-Fil-A Logo - H 2011

Law enforcement officials were called to the scene to control the aggressive media, though the restaurant’s employees were not bothered by the pro-gay event.

Chick-fil-A’s same sex “Kiss-In” protest drew police at the chicken chain’s Hollywood location due to overly aggressive members of the media, not protesters.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that law enforcement was called to the scene, at the corner of Hollywood and Highland, at approximately 6:20 a.m. at the request of Chick-fil-A staff members, who felt that the media was being too aggressive in seeking comment from the employees. By the time police arrived, the situation had already been resolved.

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A rep for the LAPD said that employees of the Hollywood restaurant were not bothered by patrons engaging in the pro-gay event, in which same sex couples are taking photos or videos of themselves kissing inside various Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country.

TMZ first reported the news.

The restaurant has been the subject of heated debate over recent weeks after Chick-fil-A Inc president Dan Cathy openly addressed reports that the company supported anti-gay marriage initiatives. “Guilty as charged,” Cathy said.

Each Chick-fil-A franchise is independently owned and operated. Jeremiah Cillpam, owner of the Hollywood location, issued a plea to L.A. locals last week to not let Cathy’s comments prevent them from visiting his restaurant.

In a letter posted on Twitter, Cillpam wrote, “I am the owner of this restaurant, and my wife and I proudly call Los Angeles, specifically the neighborhood of Hollywood, our home. We love our city, and intend to spend the rest of our lives giving back to it.

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“As a family and a business dedicated to serving our community, we have made it our priority to give back to Hollywood by donating food, money and coupons to a variety of local interests, including schools, at-risk youth organizations, hospitals, police, military, etc.,” the letter continued. “My passion is to build leaders for future generations, regardless of sexual orientation or beliefs.”

“I know that some of our guests are upset by comments made by Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A Inc. He has made it clear to me those were his personal views, and that his intent was not to speak on behalf of every Chick-fil-A owner,” he concluded. “We hope that those who are upset will look at their relationship with our restaurant, The Hollywood Chick-fil-A, and allow us to continue to serve them.” Read the full letter here.