Childish Gambino Drops Surprise New Album

Donald Glover - FX, National Geographic and Twentieth Century Fox TV Emmy Party  - Getty-H 2019
Frederic J. BROWN/AFP/ Getty Images

Much of the material, released in the middle of Saturday night, is brand-new, including a collaboration with Ariana Grande, though 2018's "Feels Like Summer" and 2019's "Algorythm" are included in this run of 12 tracks.

Childish Gambino shocked his fans in the earliest hours of Sunday morning when he released a batch of new music in the middle of the night.

Though it's currently absent from streaming services, Donald Glover Presents is available at, which features little more than the music — with no identifying information for each track — and artwork for the release. Four panels of a black-and-white cartoon strip depict a city street scene devolving into chaos, with people in the distance jumping out of buildings on fire, with members of the crowd alternately smiling, screaming or posing for selfies.

Much of the material is brand-new, including a collaboration with Ariana Grande, though 2018's "Feels Like Summer" and 2019's "Algorythm" are included in this collection of 12 tracks. (Billboard has reached out to a representative for Gambino, aka Donald Glover, for further comment.)

Stream Donald Glover Presents here.

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