Gavin Leatherwood Dishes on 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Love Triangle

"He steals her heart," Leatherwood tells The Hollywood Reporter about Nick and Sabrina's (Kiernan Shipka) relationship taking over the second season of the Netflix series.

[This story contains spoilers from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's first and second seasons.] 

For Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Gavin Leatherwood, breaking out as a main character in the witchy series wasn't always in the cards. 

"I guess I had manners or something, learned people's names," Leatherwood jokes to The Hollywood Reporter during the latest episode of In Studio

Like his co-stars including Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch, however, knowing he wanted a career performing as an actor was a decision he made early on. 

Leatherwood's mother was a general manager of a theater company when he was growing up. "I grew up in theater. My first gig, I was six years old and I did Arthur Miller's All My Sons, a very serious play to be getting into and I loved it," he says. "I was just hooked. I think I even knew it before then."

And his upbringing couldn't make him more different than the ever-suave Nick. "I pretended for many years to be cool like Nick. But I came from theater and I did a tour for two years so I was gone from school and I came back at middle school and that's when everyone's developing personalities and judgement starts to become a thing," he says. "I got teased a lot for having a middle part haircut and orange cargo shorts and a roller backpack." 

For part two of the series (now streaming on Netflix), Nick proclaims his love for Sabrina in an episode that brings their storyline center stage. "It was my most heavily involved [scene] up to that point. I remember working only one day less than Kiernan, which is crazy because she's an animal and works every single damn day," Leatherwood recalls.

Adding, "I remember saying to the writer at the end of it, 'I'll work like this every damn day! This is the best. I really did enjoy that pace." From the beginning of the the latest chapter in the series, which has been renewed for parts three and four, Nick's devotion to pushing Sabrina ahead, as well as their love, is clear.

According to Leatherwood, "His main agenda is to cater to her success. He steals her heart. And we get a greater look at what they are as a couple." But when it comes to who Sabrina chooses in their never-ending love triangle (with Lynch's Harvey Kinkle), Leatherwood's answer may surprise you, "I'm team Harvey. They're OG loves."

He then adds, "I'm still hoping for Team Harvey and Team Nick shirts. A love scene with Ross would be really cool." 

Watch Leatherwood's full interview above, where he talks more about developing his character, the end of part two and what's next.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is streaming now on Netflix.