China 3D Digital Entertainment to Open More Cinemas in Smaller Cities

China Lion
"3D Sex and Zen" was a big hit for China 3D Digital Entertainment in 2011.

The producer of "3D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy" targets provincial Chinese areas after the success of a first venue in Xiamen.

The Hong Kong company behind 2011's controversial yet commercially successful erotic period drama 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy announced plans to grow its theater business in China, the South China Morning Post reported Monday.   

The entertainment conglomerate China 3D Digital Entertainment opened its first movie theater across the border in the coastal tourist town of Xiamen earlier this year, and its success has moved the company to step up plans for new theater developments in underserved provincial Chinese cities. 

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Speaking about the success of the company's first venture, chairman Stephen Shiu Jr. told the SCMP: "This business really has surprised me. From the first month, the cinema's cash flow has already broken even."

China 3D Digital Entertainment outlined proposals to open more theater complexes in the second half of this year, including projects in Guangzhou and Chongquing. The company's bullish plans stack up with a recent report from accountancy firm PwC that said China had approximately 15,000 screens and 3,700 theaters as of the middle of 2013, and the pace of construction was accelerating. 

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