China Box Office: 'Edge of Tomorrow' Opens to $25 Million, 'X-Men' Hits $100 Million

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise in Battle - H 2014
Warner Bros.

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise in Battle - H 2014

It was a strong week for Hollywood in the world's second-largest film market as summer tentpoles continue to top the charts.

It was a good week for Hollywood in China as Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow grossed $6.7 million on its opening day, the fourth biggest opening of the year here, and went on to rack up a welcome $25.68 million in its first three days.

Edge of Tomorrow has also done well in Russia, but it has struggled in the face of competition from The Fault in Our Stars in North America.

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The Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow title had 99,768 screenings and 4.06 million admissions in China in the week to June 8, according to data from Beijing-based analyst group Entgroup. The numbers include takings during the Dragon Boat Festival on June 2, a big moviegoing holiday.

The film also had to compete with X-Men: Days of Future Past, which was in second place. The 20th Century Fox tentpole took another $23.1 million to bring its total to $107.18 million after 17 days.

Bryan Singer's critically acclaimed movie had more screenings than Edge of Tomorrow -- it notched up 175,092 screenings -- but fewer admissions at 3.8 million.

X-Men: Days of Future Past has gone down a treat with Chinese audiences due to its Chinese star, Fan Bingbing, and a well-received visit by key cast.

Hong Kong crime thriller Overheard 3 took $17.54 million to bring its cume to $42.12 million after 11 days, from 170,128 screenings and 3.2 million admissions.

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Directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong, Overheard 3 features Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu, who were all in the original, as well as Ng Man-Tat, Zhou Xun,Gordon Lam and Michelle Ye.

In fourth place in the box office charts was Zhang Yimou’s Coming Home, which took $3.63 million to bring its total to $41.43 million, from 49,909 screenings with 662,319 admissions.

Behind that was domestic animated feature GG Bond 2, which took $2.31 million to bring its total to $6.17 million, while another local toon, Happy Little Submarines 4 – Adventure of Octopus, took $2.03 million to bring its total to $7.04 million.

Further down the list was Night of Adventure which took $1.87 million in its opening three days, and the domestically produced The Adventures of Sinbad 2014, which took another $1.13 million to bring its total to $3.82 million.

Another Chinese toon, Magic Wonderland, came in ninth, taking $1.08 million for a cume of $3.06 million.

Rounding out the top 10 was The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which took another $430,000 in China for a cumulative total of $94.43 million after 36 days on release.

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