China Jails Jackie Chan's Son For Six Months On Drugs Charges


Jaycee Chan apologized at the trial, which was broadcast live online

Jaycee Chan, son of veteran Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan, has been jailed by a Beijing court for six months on drugs charges, the latest episode in a tough moral crusade in China.

Chan was busted in August last year for smoking marijuana at a foot massage parlor in Beijing. The trial was broadcast live on the official Sina Weibo feed of Beijing Dongcheng People's Court.

Chan was indicted last month on the charge of sheltering others to use drugs.

In the past year, the Chinese government has heavily enforced a morality code among celebrities who take drugs or visit prostitutes.

"I have violated the law and I should be punished," Chan said at the sentencing.

"After I return to the society, I will definitely not make a mistake again because I have made my family and friends disappointed for one more time. I have gotten the punished I deserve, but it doesn't mean I have been forgiven. I hope I can use my actions in the future to get the forgiveness and to pass positive energy," he said.

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Jackie Chan didn't attend the trial, but the China News Agency reported that he told his lawyer not try to shorten the term of imprisonment.

"Because he is the son of Jackie Chan and because he has broken the law, if he is out in less than a week, how would other people see Jackie Chan and Jaycee Chan? We are celebrities, and we have to follow the law."

His case has been particularly embarrassing for his more famous father, who was named by Beijing as an anti-drug ambassador in 2009.

China's media watchdog last year ordered TV networks to ban "tainted" stars who have used drugs or visited prostitutes from TV and other media outlets. Last year has seen a flurry of big names in the entertainment industry nabbed in drug and vice busts, including Chan, and the Golden Bear-winning director Wang Quan'an, who was arrested for "paying for sex." Chan was arrested along with Taiwanese movie star Ko Kai.

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