China Launching State-Run TV Station in U.S.

Chinese US TV Station Generic Image - H 2012
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Chinese US TV Station Generic Image - H 2012

The country has created a round-the-clock network in a bid to reach an American audience.

China will soon broadcast a 24-7, state-run TV channel in New York City residences, Bloomberg News reported.

The channel, named TodayChina, is slated to launch in the first quarter of this new year as the country aims to raise cultural awareness in the United States.

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"It’s our role to propagate information about China overseas," Yan Xinxia, a director at the State Council Information Office’s China Internet Information Center, said Thursday during a press interview in Hong Kong. Yan said the Chinese government supports the spread of state-controlled media abroad.

The department forged a partnership with CMMB Vision Holdings Limited, an investment holdings company, to distribute TodayChina with free digital-TV technology. According to Bloomberg, the channel will air a mixture of news and entertainment programs in English and Chinese with English subtitles.

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Chinese president Hu Jintao, meanwhile, said he views The West as threatening the country's internal stability. (China has blocked Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, in its effort to ban online content it deems anti-government.)

“International forces are trying to Westernize and divide us by using ideology and culture,” Hu was quoted as saying in an October speech that was repubished as an essay in the magazine Qiushi, Bloomberg said.